R.T. Kendall

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Dr R.T. Kendall was the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England, for twenty-five years. Born in Ashland, Kentucky on July 13, 1935, he was educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) at Regent's Park College, a hall of the University of Oxford. While there, he was also Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Lower Heyford from 1974 to 1977 (now Brackley Baptist Church) which mainly served USAF families based at RAF Upper Heyford and RAF Croughton. He is well-known internationally as a Christian speaker and teacher and most recently preached at Mission to London with co-pastors Benny Hinn and Maurice Cerullos.

He is universally known by his initials RT; his full name is Robert Tillman Kendall.

From February 1, 1977 to February 1, 2002 he was Senior Minister at Westminster Chapel in London. He followed the pastorate of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, who himself remained in the church from 1977 until his death in 1981. Church attendance at Westminster Chapel seriously declined during the 25 years after Martyn Lloyd-Jone's death.

Dr Kendall is now in retirement in Hendersonville, Tennessee, but remains actively involved in Christian writing and speaking at conferences.


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