Phil Wall

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Phil Wall is a Performance Coach & change consultant working with senior leaders in the Finance, Media, Retail, Fashion and Elite Sport sectors ( He is a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner. He holds a Diploma in Applied Theology from Moorlands Christian College and an MSc from Oxford University & HEC in Paris. He is co-founder with his wife Wendy of the International Development Charity WeSeeHope ( WeSeeHope works with Orphans and Vulnerable children across Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to this he worked for The Salvation Army and was a Riot Squad Policeman with the Metropolitan Police. Over the last year he has been part of the team that has launched Infinitum (, described as a ‘Journey into Depth’, a family of communities, aiming to live a life of faith with deep intent. He has been an amateur adventurer, participating in numerous long endurance events, including the Yukon Ultra and an expedition to the North Pole and he absolutely loves golf, rugby & curry. Wendy is a Speech and Language Therapist and they have three grown up children. His claim to fame is he thinks he is the only person in all of human history to have done the following 4 things on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London - he has sung from it, acted on it, preached from it and punched someones lights out on it, (representing the British Police in a boxing match.’)


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