Ingrid Johnson

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Ingrid Johnson is currently with Old Mutual plc which underwent a complex managed separation of the Group into four fully independent standalone listed entities, operating in UK, US, SA and Rest of Africa. This strategy was announced in March 2016 and completed during 2018. Prior to that Ingrid had 22 years of broad-based financial services experience with the Nedbank Group in leadership, line management and financial roles, which at the time was c53% owned by Old Mutual.

The completion of the Managed Separation in 2018 marked the cessation of her role as Group Finance Director of the UK premium listed Old Mutual plc, a position held since July 2014, as well as membership of various Group Boards including Old Mutual plc, Old Mutual Wealth Management Limited (now Quilter plc), Old Mutual Asset Management plc (now BrightSpere Investment Group plc) and Old Mutual Limited (previously Old Mutual Group Holdings SA).

Ingrid was previously the Nedbank Group Managing Executive: Retail and Business Banking from 2009 and a member of the Nedbank Group Executive Committee and a Prescribed Officer since 2008. Ingrid was responsible for the turnaround of the Nedbank Retail Banking cluster and the integration of Imperial Bank, in addition to retaining her role of leading the commercial cluster, Nedbank Business Banking, which she had held from 2005.

Ingrid holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Accounting degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, completed the Advanced Management Programme of the Harvard Business School and is a Chartered Accountant (South Africa).

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